Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago Class of 1969
This website is a class project and is not an "official" publication of LSTC.
This site and the accompanying link to the newsletter ensue from the 40-year class reunion held on the LSTC campus during May 15-17, 2009.
Click HERE for a PDF of the reunion newsletter, containing photos, current news, some nostalgia, and contributions from class members.
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The reunion newsletter noted that updates would be published as they are received, and that has happened.

Dr. Russell Anderson is highlighted in the update as another of the class' published authors.

In a posting on June 19, the addendum reports that Kurt Johnson presented copies of his new book, GLASS WALLS, to four Central Texas libraries.

July 4: The photo of Rev. Michael and Vicki Anderson (Rock Island) has been added to Page 2 of the update.
Click here for the update.
And now, presenting, the graduation photos (montage) of the LSTC class of 1969. Click HERE to view.
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