Historical fiction: A novel by Kurt Johnson, Sr.
The novel is based on a continuing, controversial murder case in Texas, in which a man who was convicted of murdering his wife spent 25 years in prison before he was exonerated and released through the testing of DNA evidence on a blue bandana, which was discovered at the crime scene but which was withheld from the defense and the court by prosecutors. The "REDUX" version (published on August 30, 2012) updates the original novel (published on July 30, 2012) because of new developments in the actual case on which the novel is based.

Set in the hypothetical "Wiyamsun County", the novel introduces the reader to the various characters who were central to this dramatic story, including Len Sanderson, the lead prosecutor, Dave Mikus, his second chair, Brad Jonley, the subsequent district attorney who fought against release of key evidence, and Big Jack Graley, the attorney aligned with The Innocence Project who ultimately was able to gain access to the important exculpatory evidence. The novel tracks the story of how the evidence was sequestered and how it came to light, including descriptions of the key and dramatic moments.

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USING A NOVEL AS ACCOUNTABILITY is a non-fiction book by Kurt Johnson, Sr (published June 3, 2012) which explains his intentions and point-of-view in writing DEPRAVED PROSECUTION REDUX. Substantive excerpts from DEPRAVED PROSECUTION REDUX are included along with detailed biographical information. It's available for 99 cents from Amazon and it's FREE by e-mailing the author.
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