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By KURT JOHNSON, Sr. (Click here to send e-mail)
A case study involving public policy decision-making
ISBN 978-1-4401-3735-8
GLASS WALLS is a flowing, descriptive study of how public policy decisions by government can be misguided by social, cultural and religious influences of a neoconservative bent within a textbook case settingóWilliamson County, Texas. As the problem is described, a suggested cure surfaces, done with the intention of creating constructive dialogue and progress that is in the public interest. Explained in detail are the dynamics and ideology of neoconservatism as characterized by such notables as Robert Benne, Richard John Neuhaus and William Kristol, with the interpretive filter as applied by Reinhold Niebuhr and Dietrich Bonhoeffer. The on-the-ground analysis of Williamson County's human and institutional fabric is evaluated within this philosophical and intellectual context, including specific examples involving elected officials and their actions. (330 pages plus a 14-page introduction.)
The essays listed below in PDF format are copyrighted works available in the public domain. Copying and electronic distribution are permitted so long as the authorship is identified and they are not sold or otherwise conveyed for commercial benefit. These essays are stand-alone documents and do not appear in GLASS WALLS.
Grass roots community organizations as a function of agape (02/09)
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The Class of '69 of the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago has published a 40-year reunion newsletter
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Depraved Prosecution
By Kurt Johnson, Sr.

Historical fiction based on a recent, controversial murder case in Williamson County, Texas
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Book in progress -- a public participation project: LOST MANUSCRIPT and revelations about Lutheran theology from a Swedish seminary. Click here for details. (August 2013)
The LOST MANUSCRIPT project emerged from a recently discovered autobiography in the Spong family archives of Hutto, Texas. CLICK HERE for more information about the Swedish immigrant famiy within which that autobiography originated