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Article: "The emigrants from Smaland, Sweden--the American dream"
The 2016 Spong Reunion was held on Saturday, August 6 at Hutto (TX) Lutheran Church,
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Eric Johnson was emcee for the program of the well-attended 2016 reunion
CLICK HERE to see the video of the 2016 version of the SPONG FAMILY REUNION SONG,
led by Lane Holmstrom, who wrote the lyrics and music several years ago
CLICK HERE to see a brief portion (excerpt) of the 2016 skit written by Lane Holmstrom of a fictional conversation between the family patriarchs, Andrew and Augusta Spong,
with Augusta played by Rick Rickard (left) and Andrew played by Eric Johnson.
Click the link below this link for the text of the full skit conversation.
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The background for the speaker's podium: the Andrew and Augusta Spong family and the homestead five miles north of Hutto
A photo (taken on August 6, 2016) of the beginning phase of reconstruction of Holmstrom Field (named in honor of Buddy, Carroll and David Holmstrom) for their
achievements in fast-pitch softball during the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. The original baseball field was located in the foreground, and the Hutto Hippo football stadium
was located in the background and in use from approximately 1953 through the early 1990s. The park's namesake is Fritz Jernquist, whose wife (Frieda) was
the daughter of Andrew and Augusta Spong. Fritz and Frieda's heirs donated the land for a portion of the northern portion of Fritz Park.