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Questions for Williamson County commissioners regarding the landfill plans as addressed at the March 9 meeting of commissioners court
The WCPPC's April 26, 2010 memo to Williamson County Commissioners Court regarding the acceptance of the landfill "Report" on March 9 and the forums which the county made a commitment to hold regarding the landfill
Information about the SECRET LANDFILL FINANCIAL RECORDS set for trial in Travis County on August 16, 2010
Williamson County commissioners court did not APPROVE a Master Site Development Plan for the county landfill on March 9, 2010. They merely "accepted" a "report" which was not approvable, according to Bob Daigh, Ron Morrison, Dan Gattis, and Steve Jacobs. CLICK HERE to listen to the audio and read the operative statements which confirm that the statement made by the Williamson County auditor's office to the contrary is false.
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COOKING THE BOOKS: The WCPPC's report regarding the false statement made by the Williamson County auditor's office (10-24-2011)
The audit report containing the false statement on Page 6
Waste Management's incomplete master site plan report
Waste Management's graphics for its incomplete report
The Master Site Development Plan as submitted to the county
by the Hutto Citizens Group
The plan submitted to the county by the WCPPC to restore the Almquist-Johnson house without using taxpayer funds